Dr. Wanjeri explains how medical experts separated conjoined twins in 23-hour surgery
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Thu, 2017-06-22 15:26
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Dr.Wanjeri with Blessing and Favour, formerly conjoined twins, when they were being discharged from hospital.

Dr. Kimani Wanjeri, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi, College of Health Sciences ’ Department of Surgery talks to The Conversation about the successful separation of two-year-old conjoined twins at Kenyatta National Hospital by a team of 50 medical experts from UoN and KNH in a 23-hour surgery.

Dr. Wanjeri, who was the plastic and reconstructive surgeon during the surgery, gives details of the planning and actual surgery and what the successful surgery means for sub-Saharan Africa.

The twins, Blessing Kathure and Favour Karimi were discharged from hospital on 15th June, 2017, nearly eight months after the delicate and historic surgery that was performed in November, 2016.

They were admitted to KNH in September,  2014.

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