The history of the department dates back to the inauguration of the medical school in 1968.

The department has grown significantly since and produced many pioneers for this country.  The department has also been associated with many firsts e.g. heart surgery and kidney transplants to mention a few. 

The department has graduated more than two hundred graduants.  These grandaunts today serve not only in the country but internationally in top government institutions and organisations like the world Health Organisation.

Department of surgery continues to be a leader in academics within the country.  In this role it has initiated the development of many new programmes that are anticipated to be operational by 2013.   Plans are underway to initiate a master’s programme in Urology.

University expansion continues and it is possible the separation of the department of anaesthesia as a fully-fledged and independent department will be completed before the end of 2013.  This separation will provide them with the required autonomy to expand and further broaden their programmes.

Academic staff continue to serve in many of the College activities


College Annual Report