UoN/KNH doctors successfully re-implant 16-year-old boy's chopped off manhood
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The University of Nairobi (UoN) and Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) doctors made another historical medical milestone by successfully re-implanting a 16-year-old boy's severed genitalia.

The penile re-implantation procedure was conducted by a team of 15 surgeons specializing in plastic surgery, urology and neurosurgery led by Prof. Stanley Khainga and Dr. Ferdinand Nang’ole, both from the Department of Surgery College of Health Sciences, UoN.

“The hospital is happy to report that the 16-year-old patient whose male organ was severed is recuperating well after a successful re-implantation of the penis. As we are speaking the organ is functioning well, he is able to urinate, erect and engage in sexual gratification.” said Prof.Khainga after the successful procedure that took more than seven hours.

This is the first time an operation of this kind was successfully carried out in Kenya and the region.

Previously, specialists from the two institutions have made other landmark medical achievements including separation of siamese twins, removal of a bullet lodged in Baby Satrin’s brain, re-implanting a boy’s limb that had accidentally been severed by a Chaff Cutter machine, and many more others.

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