Departmental rsponsibilities are sheard within the deprtment to ensure its smooth running

The chairman has overall responsiblity for actions of all committees.

Examination bank committee

  1. Ndungu Muturi
  2. D.O. Olunya
  3. S.O. Khainga
  4. T. Omulo
  5. F. Owillah
  6. P. Mugwe
  7. P. Wambugu


Examination committee

Role: Moderate examination papers


  1. Odhiambo
  2. Wambugu




School of Medicine Examinations Committee

Dr. Daniel Ojuka

Dr. Elly Nyaim


Programme coordinator

Role: Organise and ensure distribution f students in the various rotations takes place as per the curriculum


  1. Dr.DK Ojuka



Role: Organise, and moderate OSCE examinations


  1. Prof. J. Oliech
  2. Dr. D. Ojuka
  3. Dr. D. Kiptoon
  4. Dr. O. Nyaim
  5. Dr. J. Githaiga
  6. Dr. J. Wanjeri
  7. Prof. P. Ndaguatha
  8. Dr. G. Museve (representing orthopaedics)
  9. Dr. G. Gakuya (representing orthopaedics)



BDS coordinator

Role: To ensure time table of lecture schedule for BDS students prepared on time


  1. Dr. P. Akuku


Dissertation coordinator

Role: To ensure distribution of MMed student dissertations in the department carried out in an efficient manner


  1. Prof P. Ndaguatha


Customer satisfaction committee

Ensure the customer suggestion box open regularly and comments acted upon on time

  1. Prof I. Macharia
  2. Dr. F. Osawa
  3. Dr. P. Akuku
  4. Administrative assistant



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