Student Projects in Surgery

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2002 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Evaluation Of Fluid Preloading In Induction Of Anesthesia With Propofol. Dr. Charles O. Anangwe 2002 View Details
A Prospective Study Of Anesthesia Associated Maternal Morbidity Necessitating Intensive Care Unit Management. Dr. Jamal Adam Taib 2002 View Details
Pattern Of Acute Renal Failure In Critically Ill Patients In The Intensive Care Unit, Kenyatta National Hospital. Dr. Susan Majiwa 2002 View Details
The Use Of Arterial Blood Gases In Patient Management At The Kenyatta National Hospital Intensive Care Unit Dr. Olaly- Elizabeth Nyakundi 2002 View Details
The Phenomenon Of Hypoxic Brain Damage At The Kenyatta National Hospital Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Wagaki Wanguru 2002 View Details
Comparison Of 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) Receptor Type 3 (5ht3) Antagonist Ondansetron With Metoclopramide In The Control Of Postoperative Nausea And Vomiting Dr. Bernard Kimori Kaaara 2002 View Details
Appendicitis: Clinical Diagnosis And Histopathological Correlation. A One Year Prospective Study Sundeep Kishor Chavda 2002 View Details
Outcomes Of Moderate And Severe Thermal Injuries At The Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Peter M. Nthumba 2002 View Details
Outcome Of Management Of Extradural Haematomas At The Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Shaban O.gathaya Saidi 2002 View Details
Prevalence Of Urinary Incontinence In Adults At Kenyatta National Hospital: A One Year Study. Dr. Muhammed Salim 2002 View Details
A Study Of Jejuno-ileal Perforations At The Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Andrew Kiarie Ndonga 2002 View Details
Empyema Thoracis; Is Treatment Outcome Procedure Dependant Dr. David Gitau Kinyanjui 2002 View Details
The Role Of Uroflometry In Diagnosis And Outcome Of Surgical Therapy In Patients With Bph Dr. Florentius K. Koech 2002 View Details
Correlation Of Preoperative Fine Needle Aspirate And Postoperative Histological Findings Of Solitary Thyroid Nodules At The Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Joel Lessan 2002 View Details
The Pattern Of Surgical Abdominal Masses In The Paediatric Age Group (0 –12) At The Kenyatta National Hospital. Prospective Study. Dr. Maurice Wambani 2002 View Details
Gallstones As Seen In Kenyatta National Hospital 1989 – 1999 David Kimutai Koech 2002 View Details
Review Of Gall Bladder Cancer At Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Ammar Yassir Al-ammary 2002 View Details
Terrorist Bomb Blast In Nairobi – August 1998. An Analysis Of Soft Tissue And Other Injuries Sustained And Their Management Dr. James Adung’o R. Ikol 2002 View Details
Adult Urinary Fistulae: A Kenyatta National Hospital Experience. Dr.. Francis O. Osawa 2002 View Details
Renal Duplication Anomalies As Seem At The Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Bernard M. Ndungu 2002 View Details
A Study Of Autogenous Atriovenous Fistulae For Haemodialysis At Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Francis. Ayugi Otieno 2002 View Details
Bone Grafting Kenyatta National Hospital Experience Dr. Samuel Wanjohi Ndanya 2002 View Details
A Review Of The Management Of Hirchsprungs Disease At Kenyatta National Hospital. January 1991 – December 2000 Dr. Godrick Wilberforce Onyango Otieno 2002 View Details
Haematogenous Osteomyelitis In Children Under 12 Years: Socio-economic, Nutritional And Immunological Status Dr. Isaac Kiplimo Ngetich 2002 View Details
The Pattern Of Incarceration And Strangulation Of External Hernias As Seen At Kenyatta National Hospital Over The Period January 1994 – December 1999. Dr. Ibrahim K. Hassan. 2002 View Details
The Effect Of Amoxycillin On Morbidity After Adenotonsilectomy As Seen In The Kenyatta National Hospital Ear, Nose And Throat Department Dr. Henry Mutiso M. Mutune 2002 View Details
Cardiopulmonary Changes In Children With Chronic Adenoid And Tonsillar Hypertrophy 2002 View Details
Vocal Cord Paralysis, A Complication Of Thyroid Surgery A Study At Kenyatta National Hospital George Mwaviswa Mbogo 2002 View Details