Dr Hilda Gikunda, Business Development Associate - IncisionAcademy


IncisionAcademy offers an online platform for training of surgical skills

for healthcare providers, through the use of instructional step by step

films. Their content is available 24/7 via multiple electronic devices(smart

phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). Their portfolio is mainly general surgery as well as the most common obs/gyn procedures and they have presence in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Ghana and Kenya.


In 2016 University of Nairobi (UoN) Department of Surgery granted IncisionAcademy the opportunity of sharing their products with the final year medical students during the Basic Surgical Skills course. The final year students were provided with a 3-D learning platform for keeping the lessons fresh after the training at the Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre (NSSC) and as they practise at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). They were also introduced to relevant instructional surgical vidos to aid their learning process and for reference during their internship.


IncisionAcademy plans to work with the Department of Surgery at UoN to run a pilot to prove the value of Incision product at both Undergraduate and Post graduate training.