Research projets in ENTunit

Current Research Projects

  1. Prof Oburra, Prof Macharia, Dr Mugwe, Dr Aswani, Dr Ayugi Dr Irungu Solid Tumor Research Project- Head and Neck Registry
  2. Dr Ayugi, Dr Irungu, Chronic rhinosinusitis in children undergoing Adenoid surgery
  3. Dr Irungu, Dr Ayugi, Serah Ndegwa Hearing Screening in General Practice in Kenya: Physician attitudes
  4. Dr Gitau, Dr Mugwe, Dr Kipingor Assessment of quality of life in head and neck cancers in KNH
  5. Dr Mugwaneza, Dr Mugwe, Dr Aswani Otological manifestations in children with cleft palate at the University of Kigali Teaching Hospital, Rwanda
  6. Dr Muturi, Prof Macharia, Dr Kamau Characteristics of patients with SCC of the hypopharynx in KNH
  7. Dr Chirwa, Dr Masinde, Dr Aswani  Microbiology of com at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi
  8. Dr Kiama, Prof Oburra, Dr Omutsani  Prevalence of OME in children with obstructive adenoid disease compared with normal controls         
  9. Dr Mwangi, Dr Patel, Dr Ayugi Prevalence of mucositis in patients receiving chemotherapy & radiotherapy      
  10. Dr Mwangi, Prof Macharia, Dr Omutsani  Effect of benzydamine hydrochloride versus placebo in post tonsillectomy pain management in patients at KNH          
  11. Dr Farah, Prof Oburra, Dr Ayugi, Dr Mathenge  Anatomical variation of the ethmoid air sinuses in patients having ct scan evaluation for rhinosinusitis at KNH