Thematic area description in ENT

The Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Thematic Unit is responsible for the training of ENT surgeons in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. The Department of Surgery was one of the seven founder departments when the medical school opened its doors to students on 2nd July 1967.  Originally, postgraduate training was conducted in collaboration with external colleges and universities notably those in the United Kingdom (Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburg and Ireland).  The first local ENT postgraduate student Dr. Morris Podho was admitted in 1986 and the first ENT surgeon graduated in 1989.

The Master of Medicine (ENT- Head and Neck Surgery) program is an exit program and upon completion successful candidates are ENT Surgeons. In Kenya the five year program allows for registration by the Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board after completion of the degree.

The ENT Department has trained ENT surgeons from Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Malawi, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Zambia. There are also collaborations with centres of excellence from all over the world including the Operation Eardrop Netherlands and the University of Kentucky.