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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya (founded 1899 as a result of the building of the Uganda railway), and the largest with a population of about 3 million.  The city is located at an altitude 5,500 feet above sea level  and latitude and longitude.  1 ° 16'S, 36 ° 48'E.

The time zone is East African Time (EAT) and this is three hours ahead of GMT.  Be reminded that GMT remains fixed throughout the year but local time in London for example may move back and forward during daylight savings etc., and thus be different from GMT for part of the year.

Temperature wise, during months of September to April maximum average daytime temperature ranges from 24° C (75 ° F) and minimum average nighttime temperature 13 ° C (55.4 ° F); May to August maximum average daytime temperature 21 ° C (70 ° F) and minimum average nighttime temperature 11 ° C (51.8 ° F)

Kenya uses the metric system and note the area code (telecommunications) is +254......


Our main airport is officially referred to as Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, or affectionately as JKIA. The airport is located about 15 kilometres south east of the main city centre.

This airport is the transport hub for the East and Central Africa region and handles about 19,000 passengers daily.

All usual airport amenities are available at JKIA and delegates will find taxis and cash points at the airport.  Please look for the official taxi booth just before you exit from the arrival terminal.  Rates for taxis will vary but expect to pay about 3,000 to 4000 Kenya shillings for a trip to city centre.  Be advised traffic in Nairobi can be horrendous and if you arrive during rush hour it may take some time to arrive at your hotel.

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The official unit of currency in Kenya is the Kenya shilling and all other forms of currency are not legal tender.

Current exchange rate is one dollar equivalent to 97.56 Kenya shillings, though this may be different by the conference time .  Delegates arriving in Kenya with other forms of hard currency will be able to change these to Kenya currency with no difficulty.  This exchange can be carried out at any of the many forex bureaus within the city.   Be advised photo identification will be required for foreign exchange transactions.

Delegates encouraged to use only recognised exchange points. Preferential rates at forex bureaus compared to airport or hotel rates


Like any other large city all forms of public transport are available in Nairobi.  Our local mini buses are referred to as “matatus”.  Though matatus are regulated they can be hectic and undisciplined at times.   The other informal mode of transportation in the motorbike, often referred to as “boda boda”.  Fast and at times convenient if one is in a hurry.  The conference does not recommend their use due to a high injury rates associated with their use. 

(Typical Nairobi matatu)

Delegates are advised to use formal taxis for their local transport needs.  Your hotel will be more than glad to arrange one for you.


Nairobi has numerous attractions delegates may wish to visit.

  1. Nairobi National Park.  Click here for more information...
  2. National musiums of Kenya.  Click here for more information.......
  3. Bomas of Kenya.  Click here for more information .... 
  4. Elephant orphanage.  Click here for more information ....  
  5. Giraffe centre.  Click here for more information .... 
  6. Karen Blixen museum. Click here for more information ....  
  7. Karura forest.  Click here for more information....    
  8. Kenya railway museum.  Click here for more information... 
  9. Mamba village.  Click here for more information....  

There are a number of international class hospitals available in Nairobi with world class medical staff.  The cost for services may be prohibitive for most delegates and thus we recommend delegates take out medical insurance for the conference.

Hospitals include;

  1. Kenyatta National Hospital the venue of the conference.  This is a public hospital.  For more information click here.....
  2. Nairobi Hospital just adjacent to the conference venue.  This is a private hospital.   For more information....  
  3. Aga Khan University Hospital in Parklands.  This is a private hospital.  For more information.... 
  4. Mater Hospital.  This is a private hospital.   For more information.... 

All major credit cards are acceptable in Nairobi and can even be used in cash machines.


Delegates are advises souvenirs and handicrafts can be find in a wide number of vendors, kiosks, boutiques, small shops, department stores, and malls.  In quite a few of these venues a good shopper's bargaining skills will get you the best deals.  Please ensure you carry a souvenir(s) from this meeting to remember us by, especially the “hakuna matata” tea shirt.


Not all delegates will require visa to entre Kenya depending on our countries relationship.

There are different types of visa offered for visitors to Nairobi.  The most likely delegates will be applying for is the single journey visa.

Requirements for this visa application are;

  1. Two copies of visa application forms V1 dully filled and dated.
  2. Two copies of an invitation/cover letter
  3. Two passport size photographs
  4. Two copies of passport valid bio data page and page showing validity period of at least six months remaining
  5. Passport itself with a clear page for visa
  6. Visa fee of $10

Check to see if you are eligible for visa receipt on arrival or you have to apply prior to departure.

Contact nearest Kenyan High Commission/Embassy to you.

Map of Nairobi around congress area


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