Testicular torsion salvage rate in Nigerians in Lagos.

Authors: Magoha GA
Eighty-one Nigerian patients with testicular torsion presented at the Urology Unit of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital between May 1983 and May 1985. The majority (62%) were young adults of 21 years and above with a mean of 21.3 +/- 5.2 years. Fifty-four testes found to be clinically non-viable at exploration were excised and microscopically confirmed as haemorrhagic infarction due to the torsion. Twenty-six clinically viable testes at exploration were salvaged giving a low salvage rate of 32%. This appears to be due to delayed or mistaken diagnosis by the first doctor to see the patient as a result of low index of suspicion. The clinical importance of high index of suspicion for testicular torsion in all patients with testicular pain of recent onset irrespective of age is emphasized in this locality.
East Afr Med J. 1989 May; 66(5):324-7. PubMed PMID: 2791929.

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