Testicular torsion rate in Nigerians.

Authors: Osegbe DN, Ogunkua O, Magoha GA.
In a prospective study, from July 1980 to December 1983, 122 patients--i.e. 35 per year--were treated for testicular torsion at a Lagos Hospital. Of these, torsion had previously occurred in the opposite testis in 17 (14%) patients. Patients' ages ranged from 3 weeks to 40 years with a mean of 23.3 +/- 6.2 (SD). About 58 per cent of the patients were adult men. There was a significant delay from initial presentation to definite diagnosis in all except 5 patients. On average only 27% of the torted testes were saved and missed or delayed diagnosis contributed to this very low salvage rate. Seven men (6%) were adjudged sterilised from testicular torsion. Testicular torsion is not uncommon in blacks and should be considered as initial diagnosis in all men with testicular pain. Treatment should be prompt in order to save the testis and avert sterility.
Trop Geogr Med. 1987 Oct; 39(4):372-5. PubMed PMID: 3451416.

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