Overview of prostate cancer in indigenous black Africans and blacks of African ancestry in diaspora 1935-2007.

Authors: Magoha GA.
To carry out an overview of prostate cancer in indigenous back Africans in sub-Saharan Africa and blacks of African ancestry in diaspora.
Review of all published literature on prostate cancer on indigenous black Africans and Africans in diaspora was carried out through medline and index medicus searches.
Published data of prostate cancer in indigenous black Africans and black men in diaspora from 1935-2007 were included in the review.
Abstracts of articles identified were assessed, read and analysed to determine their possible suitability and relevance to the title under review.
After establishing relevance from the abstract, the entire paper was read, and the significant points included in the review.
Prostate cancer incidence and magnitude in black Africans was grossly misunderstood and underestimated in the past. Prostate cancer incidence is on the increase and currently is perhaps the most common urological malignancy affecting black Africans. Its incidence and clinical characteristics is similar to that of the Africans in diaspora but different from all other races. There currently exists significant evidence which suggests a common enhancing genetic predisposition in black men to prostate cancer. There is very urgent need for further investigation of this phenomenon through randomised controlled multicentre studies involving indigenous black Africans and black men in diaspora.
East Afr Med J. 2007 Sep; 84(9 Suppl):S3-11. Review. PubMed PMID: 18154197.

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