Cardiothoracic clinical activity

Thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgeries both elective and emergency.  Unit utilises a dedicated ward (4B) with bed capacity of 45 patients and dedicated theatre (11) for elective surgeries.

Cardiac services commenced in 1974 with an ASD operation in an adult patient.  Most of the common valvular cardiac and congenital surgeries cardiac undertaken within the unit.  Coronary artery surgery however initially very rare among the indigenous population is being seem more and more.  Patients with coronary disease are predominantly common amongst population within the private institutions.

Currently adult surgeries and common paediatric surgeries carried out on an almost one to one bases.  For the last two years however Dr. M.Awori, with paediatric surgery interest has joined unit and more paediatric cases being performed.

Most of the common thoracic surgeries being performed.  Mainly infective and malignant cases but aortic surgeries restricted.

The unit runs one of the hospitals intensive care units within ward 4B.  This is a dedicated intensive caer for cardiac services.  The unit has 6 beds and occupancy is normally very high.

No cardiac transplant surgeries are performed and the country has no legal framework for this.  Members of the unit o however assist in the vascular component of the renal transplant programme.

Main challenges faced on the unit are those of facilities,finaces and availability of prosthetic materials.