Appendicectomy for recurrent and chronic appendicitis.

Authors: Hassan S, Chavda SK, Magoha GA.
In recent years, several reports have underlined the possible existence of chronic appendicitis.
Up to 38% of spontaneously resolving acute appendicitis may recur. We studied 41 patients
operated on between July 2000 and June 2001 for chronic and recurrent appendicitis at a
teaching hospital in the city of Nairobi. The patients comprised 17.8% of all patients undergoing
surgery for appendicitis during the study period. The majority (65.9%) were females. The
faecolith rate was 51.2%. About half of appendices removed for these symptoms were normal at
histology. Nearly 70% of the normal appendices contained faecoliths. Symptoms resolved in 90%
of faecolith-containing appendices and 87.5% of non-faecolith-containing appendices that were
normal on histology.
Trop Doct. 2007 Jan; 37(1):56-7. PubMed PMID: 17326897.

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